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We are moving the Triton website to a new host, that will cost much less than our previous host. It will take a few days until I have had time to re-establish many of the links. Let me know of a broken link you want and I will fix it. I appreciate your patience.

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Check the current Triton Trib for details and contact information for each event.

See our list of current class offerings

Business Meeting

Tuesday, March 28, 2017,
7:30 PM at
Giuseppe's Restaurant
1062 Lee St. (Mannheim Rd.)
Des Plaines, IL 60016

Sat-Sat March 18-25
Curacao Dive Trip
TIC:  Randy Skiba
Saturday, April 8
TIC: Board of Directors
Saturday, April 22
Brewery Tour
TIC:  Mary Van Houten
Saturday, Apil 29
Chamber Dive
TIC: Scott Reimer
Saturday, May 5
Cinco de Mayo
TIC:  Rosana Vemmer
Saturday, May 20
Ballpark Tour
TIC needed
Sunday, May 28
Bike Ride, Walk & Eat
TIC:  Milt & Margy Levenberg

See our current newsletter for contact information for events

Our Bylaws and Standing Rules have been brought up to date.  A big thanks to Gary Duszak for pulling together all the updates.  Find them on our Resources page.

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Illinois Council Underwater Competition Photos

The Girls

The "Guys"

The Award
The Tritons at the Shedd, December 12, 2015

Tritons at the Shedd
2015 Diver of the Year, Awarded by the Illinois Council of Scuba Diving Clubs to Joe Leibovitz,
Accepted by Uncle Mike

Diver of the Year at 2015 Illinois Dive Council
2015 Dive Club of the Year Award, Accepted by President Mike Liebovitz

Club of the year, 2015
2015 Humanitarian Award Accepted by Dave O'Malley on Behalf of Jim Hynan

President's night
Little Caymen, March 23, 2014 - photo by Randy

Little Cayman Under Water
Dominica, 2015 - Hi, Pam - photo by Randy

Hi, Pam




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