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Triton By-laws (last modified 25 April 2017)  

diver Triton Standing Rules (last modified 25 April 2017)  

diver Underwater Hand Signals

diver Membership Application
bullet Membership Rules

bullet Associate Dive Report (duplicate)

bullet Member Contact Information Form

TIC Packet

bullet TIC Triton-in-Charge Packet (Excel version) 

bullet TIC Guidelines for Running Triton Dive Events

bullet TIC Guidelines for Running Triton Social Events

bullet Triton Event Rules

bullet Triton Safety Rules

bullet TIC Event Information Sheet

bullet TIC Event Sign-up Sheet

bullet Deposit of Funds - Request for Expenditure Form (duplicate)

bullet Associate Dive Report (duplicate)

bullet Request for Expenditure (duplicate)

bullet Liability Release and Assumption of Risk

bullet Trib Report Template

bullet Final Report (triplicate)


bullet Haigh Quarry, Kankakee

bullet Pearl Lake, South Beloit

bullet Jerry's Dock, Milwaukee

bullet Racine Harbor

bullet Kenosha Harbor

bullet Waukegan Harbor

bullet Burnham Harbor

Diving Physiology

bullet Carbon Dioxide, Narcosis and Diving

bullet Clearing Up the Confusion About Deep Stops

bullet Current Thoughts on the Mechanisms of Hyperoxic Seizures

bullet Gas Exchange, Partial Pressure Gradients, and the Oxygen Window

bullet Oxygen Toxicity Calculations

bullet RGBM Technical Update from Phase Mechanics and Decompression Theory in Depth

bullet Understanding M-values

bullet Modern Decompression Algorithms: Models, Comparisons and Statistics

bullet Deep Stops





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